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I also looking at Pat McGrath products and I was wondering what your experience is with them? I have two of the lipsticks and I was really disappointed. They didn sit nicely on my lips and the formula really wasn up my alley. I not really drawn to her eyeshadows anyway but holy shit everything is so expensive???????. I won’t lie, my periods do suck. Like 800s of ibuprofen every 4 6 hours, heat and a TENS machine to manage the pain and I’m changing a super plus tampon every 2 hours for 3 5 days and I constantly bleed through pads at night. BUT with my PCOS they suck anyway, and it really gives me a lot of relief knowing that my anxiety and depression are not being worsened by added hormones and my face is finally cleared up. It part and parcel of the game. If you too tired, go to bed. If you young and new, then you going through a rite of passage. Was made to feel like a piece of shit for even ordering. That was actually after the previous week where i walked in to an empty store placed my order and waited 10 minutes. No one came in after me but the lady was busy making pizzas. Why does shit like this keep popping up on this sub? Child abuse is not “trashy,” it despicable, and as many of the other comments have pointed out, it not clear this is even a case of that. Utterly destitute families that couldn afford to feed their children were forced into decisions like this one. I guess not having a social safety net or birth control is trashy? (I feel like this sub often conflates being poor with being trashy.). I went on one of my favorite K Beauty sites yesterday to research exactly how to use some of my sample foils I trying to finish this month. BAD IDEA. They are having an additional 20% off sale for Valentines Day and while they are usually running BOGO sheet masks (my weakness!) they are different ones from the last time I browsed months ago.. I generally like Rohto stuff; I find them a good value for money especially their lip balms (try Lip Fondue!) and their contact lens solution (blows the top off everything else I tried).I don know Korean so I couldn get any ingredient lists for the Face Shop ones but I used some of their sunscreens in the past and really liked them. You could try asking the seller to send you 강진출장샵 a pic of the English ingredients list?I using a US brand (Paula Choice) for toner and moisturizer now but as a drug store alternative, I liked Rohto Gokujyun line. (I pretty sure most, if not all of those items are alcohol free but double check anyway.) I think there are also several different sub lines within that including 1 with retinol in the products and those are in red containers. I have to walk 강진출장샵 in between the two guys to continue walking my dog, so I do. I then proceed to say, “WOW WOMEN SUCK. TRULY. Marlena technically has a contract Marlena relied on Jaclyn’s promise to her detriment (she lost $1mil). I’m not a contracts expert but there’s this thing called promissory estoppel where u tech have a contract without it being written. It doesn’t matter if it’s an oral contract. In celebration of Bastille Day, Chef Francois Payard will cook up a classic French “Provencal ” feast. The cooking style is identified with hot and cold dishes that include the integral ingredients of tomatoes, black olives, garlic, and anchovies. Charlotte: This classic molded dessert begins with a mold, lined with sponge cake, ladyfingers, or buttered bread.